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How to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen

Cockroaches are the most primitive winged insects on the planet. Their long, slender antennae, flattened, brownish body and fast-moving tiny legs can make anyone afraid of them. In my childhood days, I was also very scared of cockroaches. It often happened that I got up on the dining table to save myself. The content “How to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen” answer the questions relating to this everyday problem.

Cockroaches are mostly found in the kitchen. Although they live in the dining room, cupboards, and wardrobes. Cockroaches are more common in areas of grain and places which are unused for a long time. 

How many types of cockroaches are there?

There are a variety of Cockroaches. Some of the common cockroaches are – German cockroach, American cockroach, Brown-banded cockroach and Oriental cockroach.

Why cockroaches like the kitchen?

Cockroaches usually seek food, water and shelter. They eat everything and prefer to live near dustbins, sink pipes and sewers. Generally, we store foods and prepare our meals in the kitchen. The sink area remains damp due to the continuous washing of dishes. Everything in the kitchen adds up to a suitable environment for them to live in.

What diseases can be transmitted from cockroaches?

People infected by Cockroaches can experience a variety of diseases. Some are:

  • Typhoid
  • Dysentery
  • Plague
  • Cholera
  • Gastroenteritis

Can we make our kitchen cockroach free?

Yes, of course. We can make our kitchen cockroach free by maintaining basic cleanliness.

How can we make our kitchen clean?

  1. Wash utensils after every meal and put them aside.
  2. Close all the door and shutters carefully
  3. Use cover dustbins for kitchen
  4. Don’t leave food uncovered
  5. Mob and disinfect kitchen regularly
  6. Clean the grease from the gas oven
  7. Throw out spill and crumbs immediately

What smells do cockroaches hate most?

Cockroaches do not like the smell of Lavender, Citrus and Eucalyptus.

How to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen?

Home remedies
  1. Bay leaf

Cockroaches do not like the smell of bay leaf. Leave the bay leaves in the places from where Cockroaches live.

  1. Kerosene Oil

Use 4/5 drops of kerosene oil with water to wipe down the house regularly.

  1. Boric Acid

Mix an equal combination of boric acid, wheat and sugar very well. Then disperse it in the areas where cockroaches are breeding.

  1. Black pepper, Onion and Garlic

Make a paste of onion, garlic and black pepper and mix it in water. Spray the mix in the areas where cockroaches are breeding.

  1. Cucumber

Keep a few slices of cucumber under the sink and drainage pipe. Change the cucumber periodically.

  1. Detergent Powder

Mix the detergent powder with water and spray it all over the room.

  1. Neem Leaves

Keep few neem leaves in the kitchen. Cockroaches cannot tolerate such a strong smell.

Chemicals and Tools
  1. Baygon Spray

Close all windows and doors. Use the spray in the infected areas and/or directly over the cockroaches. Leave it overnight.

  1. Combat Cockroach Killing Bait

This specially formulated large roach bait product’s long-lasting formula eliminates cockroach problems at their root. Simply position these traps in areas where cockroaches are suspected and wait for them to enter.

  1. Hit Spray Crawling Insect Killer

Spray it all over the kitchen and in the corners of the fridge. Allow it to sit for the night.

  1. Hit Anti Roach Gel

HIT Anti Roach Gel is a basic pest control solution that can be done at home. It’s a unique gel mixture that attracts and destroys cockroaches as well as their nest. Use this gel all over the kitchen and in the corners of the fridge. Allow it to sit for the night.

  1. Roach Motel Cockroach Trap

The Roach Motel cockroach trap attracts pests and holds them in place with sticky glue. Cockroaches get trapped and die. Traps can be used indefinitely for up to 4 months. Dead insects are hidden from view by water bugs.

Professional Help
  • Pest Control Management – Hire any professional pest control. They use modern method and chemical for cockroach removal. They provide a long term solution to their treatment. Though it is expensive it works successfully.

What are the most well-known pest control companies in India?

  1. Indian Pest Solution
  2. Rentokil Pest Control Service
  3. PCI Pest Control Service
  4. Pest Control India Ltd
  5. UPC Pest Control
  6. The Eradicators J P Nagar

My Experience for How to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen

Initially, I face a lot of problems due to cockroaches. There are different sizes of cockroaches in my kitchen. I always maintain proper hygiene, so my kitchen is clean and spotless. But they still managed to breed in my kitchen. I was tired and my health deteriorated. I despised having store-bought food.

So I contacted PCI Pest Control. That’s the first time I came to know about different types of cockroaches and their behaviour. After cleaning they sprayed all over my premises and applied their special gel. It was a miracle. Within one month my kitchen was cockroach free at last.

But after consecutive four years of service, their methods are not working. They tried their best but it does not work. Then I begin to use a home remedy – Boric Acid, sugar and wheat. I mix the three ingredients with equal quantity very well. Place them on several small papers and keep them all over the kitchen.  It becomes a miracle and my home has been cockroach free to date.

Homemade remedies are always welcome to solve the problem.


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