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KADHA – A Popular Home Remedy for Cold and Cough

Since last year, the globe has been going through a terrible period. Covid, an unknown virus, has spawned an epidemic on Earth. . A funeral procession is taking place all around us. This disease mainly comes through cold, cough and fever. KADHA – A Popular Home Remedy for Cold and Cough is very much useful to protect our body from cold and cough.

There is no good news to be found. Many people have lost their jobs due to lockdown. The era of socialisation is drawing to a close. People are apprehensive about approaching strangers.

People are relieved to see a ray of hope when the vaccination was released. During the 14-day home isolation, many patients are regaining their strength. The majority of the people are suffering from an oxygen shortage in the second wave of Covid. On the other hand, the rate of recovery is significantly higher.

The Covid virus is mostly responsible for pneumonia and colds. When you get a cold, your airways become clogged, making it difficult to breathe. The infection then spreads throughout the territory, gradually disabling the regime. The infection spreads through the person’s nose, mouth, and eyes.

At this time, the passage of the trachea needs to be kept clear. To avoid catching a cold, one must gargle, take vapour, and drink Kadha daily. This has immense benefits and is simple to make at home.

What is KADHA – A Popular Home Remedy for Cold and Cough?

Kadha is a traditional home remedy for the cold. It is an ayurvedic mixture of various herbs and spices.

Is it possible to make kadha at home?

Yes, kadha can very easily be made in the house.

Is it possible to buy kadha?

Yes, you can get it on Amazon as well.

What herbs and spices are used in kadha preparation?

Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, raw turmeric, black pepper, bay leaf, basil leaves, honey, cloves, lemon.

How to make KADHA – A Popular Home Remedy for Cold and Cough?

Kadha for one person

Take 1 cup of water

Mix 1 cardamom, 1 cinnamon, 1 clove, a ¼th inch piece of ginger, a ¼th inch piece of raw turmeric, 1 bay leaf, 4/5 basil leaves, 1 whole black pepper crushed.

Make half a cup of the mixture by boiling one cup of water.

If you want to take pink salt, add a little amount to this mixture.

Tip – You can add some green tea, lemon, and honey to this kadha while it’s warming up for drinking.

Can kadha be taken every day?

Yes, kadha must be taken every day during cold and cough.

What is the right time to take kadha?

The right time for taking kadha is either after breakfast or in the evening. You can take it twice a day if suffering from a cold and cough.

Is it possible to take kadha on an empty stomach?

No, you shouldn’t drink it on an empty stomach. Always take it after breakfast or in the evening.

What are the benefits of taking KADHA – A Popular Home Remedy for Cold and Cough?

Kadha contains antibacterial properties. It is useful for treating coughs and colds.

Basil is present in it. So this great healing drink helps to reduce mucus in the body.

It increases immunity and protects against infections.

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are present in it which help to calm the throat and keep coughing at bay.

Do kadha have the ability to kill the virus?

No, Kadha is a force to be reckoned with. It is only for reducing colds and coughs. It makes the passage of the trachea clear for smooth respiration.

Does kadha have any side effects?

Yes. Excessive drinking of kadha has some side effects like mouth ulcer, acidity, nausea, nose bleeding, heartburn, black stool, inflammation. Always keep in mind the number of various herbs and spices used in the kadha you’re consuming. It has a long-term effect.

Is it necessary to consult the doctor before taking kadha?

Yes, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking it. If you have any problem with any herb or spice, please consult your doctor first.

Is it possible to store the kadha?

Yes, you can store the kadha in your refrigerator only for 2 days in an airtight bottle or container. Please check whether it is warm or not.

Another way to protect from cold and cough is Haldi-Dudh.

!!! Stay Safe, Stay Healthy !!!



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