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Brinjal with Neem Leaf

Brinjal with Neem Leaf Recipe
  • Prep Time
    5 minutes
  • Cook Time
    10 minutes
  • Serving
    2 People
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Brinjal with Neem Leaf recipe in Bengali style to change the flavour is also a good home remedy for stomach issues.

Brinjal with Neem Leaf is basically known as “Neem Begun” in Bengal. It is basically a detox dish that cleans your stomach. You can take this dish weekly or fortnightly to rejuvenate your taste and stomach. Though you may create this dish any time of year, summer is the best time to do it.

On our school day, this dish was compulsory every Sunday. The mandatory rule of our family is that everyone in the family should have lunch and dinner together. So, my father strictly monitored the episode of taking neem begun by us. Several times we tried to escape it or throw it away because of bitterness, but can’t do it ever.

Ingredients used in Brinjal with Neem Leaf

Neem Leaves – Take fresh neem leaves ( only tender )

Brinjal/Brgun/Eggplant – Long shape purple colour brinjal is used for this recipe.

Salt and turmeric for taste.

Ghee or Oil – For taste and to lighten the bitterness, I use Amul ghee. You can use mustard oil or sunflower oil.

Benefits of Neem/Azadirachta indica
Nutritional value of Neem

Neem has protein – 7.1%, carbohydrates – 22.9%, vitamin E, vitamin C, iron, calcium, minerals and carotene.

Benefits of Brinjal/Begun/Eggplant

4 major benefits of brinjal are :

⇒ It is abundant in antioxidants.  Antioxidants can protect us from cancer, oxidative stress, and heart disease.

⇒ Brinjal is healthy for our hearts. And it helps to keep our blood sugar levels in check.

⇒ It has high fibre and low calories which makes an excellent addition to any balanced diet.

⇒ It also contains lutein which improves our eye health.

Nutritional value of Brinjal

Brinjal has calories – 33.6, carbohydrate – 8.29 gm, fibre – 2.4 gm, Magnesium – 10.6 mg, potassium – 117 mg and phosphorus – 14.4 mg.

The alternate method of neem preparation

♣ You can add potatoes along with the dish. Or can use potatoes solely.

♣ Another method is to dry the neem leaves in the sun. And keep them in an air-tight container. Use it occasionally with hot steamed rice and ghee.

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Though you can prepare this dish throughout the year, it is preferable to prepare this in summer. It changes your taste magically. If you have a stomach ailment, you must eat this dish to recover.

Step 1

Remove neem leaves from the branch. Wash it thoroughly and pat them dry. There should not be a single drop of water left.

Step 2

Wash the brinjal/begun/eggplant by using Neem Wash and cut them in a small square shape.

Step 3

Mix salt and turmeric with brinjal/begun/eggplant.

Step 4

Take a pan or Kadai. Smear 1 tbsp ghee/oil in the pan or Kadai and heat it.

Step 5

Toss neem leaves until it makes crispy. Neem leaf is easily burnt, so take care about this.

Step 6

Remove neem leaves from the pan or Kadai and keep them aside.

Step 7

Heat the remaining ghee or oil in the pan. Cook until the brinjal/begun/eggplant looks golden brown.

Step 8

Add fried neem leaves and mix well. Seamer the gas and cover it.

Step 9

Cook for 5 minutes.

Step 10

Brinjal with Neem Leaf is ready. Serve it with hot steamed rice.


You can easily cook it at home. Just make sure you don't burn the neem leaves. You can use potato instead of brinjal. Dry fried neem leaves can also be taken either hot steamed rice with ghee.

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