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Fried Potato with Peanuts and Curry Leaves

Homemade Fried Potato with Peanuts and Curry Leaves
  • Prep Time
    10 minutes
  • Cook Time
    20 minutes
  • Serving
    4 People
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Fried Potato with Peanuts and Curry Leaves – A homemade recipe is for all age group and for any occasion throughout the year.

Everyone prefers fried potatoes, in whatever combination. We took it for the first time in a ceremony. It’s so crunchy and delicious. After that, we have this dish several times in several ceremonies.

Being a food lover, I always try to understand the ingredients used in many dishes. I attempted it down when I realised what the cooking was comprised of. First time I follow the instruction meticulously. From the second time onwards, I add my own creation to make the same dish in a different way. Most of the time it becomes more delicious.

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Ingredients used in Fried Potato with Peanuts and Curry Leave

I use potatoes, peanuts, curry leaves, dry red chilli, black pepper and oil to make this preparation. Two ingredients are very important – potato and oil.

Here, I use Chandramukhi potatoes. There are several potatoes in the market. Chandramukhi potato is soft and sweet in taste. It is best for this preparation.

I use sunflower oil to prepare Fried Potato with Peanuts and Curry Leaves. Do not use mustard oil, olive oil and rice bran oil. Mustard oil has a strong smell which is not proper for this dish. Most of my recipes are prepared with olive oil, but it is not the right one to use for this dish. It is very thick. Sunflower oil is light and perfect for deep fry. You can also use any branded refined oil.

Tips for this recipe

⇒ Cutting potatoes is the main focus to cook this. If you cannot slice it in proper shape, you cannot get the same texture even the taste. Use the right vegetable chopper and slicer.

⇒ Deep fry and continuous stirring are important. Do not in a hurry to cook it.

⇒ Strain all excess oil from the potato by using a proper frying strainer and kitchen tissues.

⇒ Deep fry requires more oil consumption. Therefore use much quantity of oil.

⇒ Do not use salted peanuts. It will mess with the taste. Salt is not required for this preparation.



This recipe takes time to prepare. Do not in a hurry when making this preparation. The movement of flame is very much important to make the fry crunchy. Prepare this dish for a holiday so that children will enjoy it.

Step 1

Wash potatoes thoroughly for removing dirt and pesticides. I prefer to take Chandramukhi potatoes. It is very soft.

Step 2

Peel off the skin of potatoes. Place the potato on the vegetable chopper and slicer vertically. Finely chop it. The form will be long and narrow. The taste and texture completely depend on the shape of the potatoes.

Step 3

Wash it again and strain the water by using a sieve. Keep it aside over the sieve.

Step 4

Take a Kadai or frying pan with a deep shape. Turn on the gas and preheat the frying pan. Pour entire oil in the pan and let be heated.

Step 5

Take some potatoes and drain the water from the potatoes completely. Place the potatoes in the pan now. Stir it on a high flame. Continue stirring is needed. Make sure that potatoes are never mixed together.

Step 6

Turn the gas in a low flame after potatoes become deep fried and look crunchy.

Step 7

Place a kitchen tissue on a plate. Remove fried crunchy potatoes from the oil by using a frying strainer. Strain excess oil completely. It should be kept on the kitchen tissue. The tissue will absorb the remaining excess oil.

Step 8

Place deep-fried potatoes in a separate bowl or plate.

Step 9

Fried entire potatoes in the same process. Never put lumpsum potatoes together in the heated oil. It does not separate and makes potatoes crispy.

Step 10

Take a separate dry Kadai or frying pan. Heat it moderately. Add chopped dry chilli, peanuts and curry leaves. Fried till roasted. You can take either raw peanuts or roasted peanuts but avoid salted ones.

Step 11

Add entire deep-fried potatoes and stir for 1 minute. Turn the flame in low. Add black pepper and stir well so that all ingredients are equally combined.

Step 12

Place it in a bowl or plate.

Step 13

Fried potato with peanuts and curry leaves are ready to serve. Serve it with steamed rice and dal.


Fried potatoes are an all-time favourite for all age group. Peanuts and curry leaves make the fried potato into a super delicious tasty food. You can enjoy this throughout the year and on any occasion. So why are you in a cofusion? Just set your mind and try this recipe on your own and enjoy.

I am a food lover and keen interest to prepare different dishes. Want to share recipes, tips, and exchange views with other food bloggers. Also a freelance content writer, blogger doing affiliate marketing and SEO. Please contact me at

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