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Top 10 Bengali Sweet Shops in Kolkata

Bengalis are well-known as foodies. They love to eat and cook many different dishes. They Love sweets a lot. Sweet Lovers will be happy to know the whereabouts of the Top 10 Bengali Sweet Shops in Kolkata.

There is a sophisticated touch in Bengali cuisine. They can cook spicy and delicious items as well as the patient’s diet. But they are famous for fish and sweets in the world. Rasogollas have a monopoly business in the world.

You must enjoy the Bengali Cuisine with “Sesh pate misti” ( ending the meal with sweets).  Rosogolla and mishti doi (sweet yoghurt) are popular all over the world. Bengali sweets are distinctive and delectable. Milk is used to make most of the sweets and it is good for health.

West Bengal has plenty of sweet shops. In almost all corners of Kolkata, there is at least one sweet shop. North Kolkata or “Old Kolkata,” have the oldest and sophisticated sweet shops.

TheTop 10 Bengali Sweet Shops in Kolkata

Nobin Chandra Das & Sons in Top 10 Bengali Sweet Shops in Kolkata

Location – Shobhabazar, 77, Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Kolkata – 700005

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 7.30 am to 10 pm.

History – Nobin Chandra Das is a Bengali confectioner and cultural symbol from the late nineteenth and early twentieth. He launched the shop in 1866 and famous as the “Father of Rosogolla”. He discovered the popular Bengali sweet “Rosogolla.” He also invented Dedo Sandesh, Baikuntha Bhog and Abaar Khaabo Sandesh.

Products – All sweets are very tasty and delicious in this shop. Beside Rasogolla, Khir Chop, Jolbhara Sandesh, Talsash Sandesh, Mango Yoghurt, Khirer Patisapta, Keshar Rajbhog, Golap Bhog, Peshwari, Labanga Latika.

Speciality – Rasogolla, is so soft that it melts in your mouth.

Payment Mode – Cash Only

##  Both takeaway and sitting arrangement system are available.

Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy in Top 10 Bengali Sweet Shops in Kolkata

Location – Beadon Street, 56, Ramdulal Sarkar Street, Kolkata – 700006, near Girish Park Police Station

 Timing – Monday to Sunday – 7 am to 10.30 pm

 History – Since 1844, this venerable counter-serve has been serving traditional Indian confections like Sandesh. Late Girish Chandra Dey has opened the shop in 1844 and later on, Late Nakur Chandra Nandy had joined as a partner. Many great people were privileged customers of this shop.

Products – Strawberry Sandesh, Mango Sandesh Butterscotch Sandesh, Talsansh Sandesh, Malai Sandesh, Singara Sandesh, Malai Roll, Sankh Sandesh, Kacha Golla, Gulab Sandesh, Ice Cream Sandesh, Chocolate Sandesh, Jalbhara Sandesh.

Speciality – Kara Pak Sandesh

Payment Mode – Both Cash and card.

## Though it is quite expensive, the size and taste of Sandesh are awesome. My daughter is very much fond of Chocolate Sandesh. It’s just amazing. Many people send sweets from this shop to domestic as well as abroad destination.  At present, it’s only available for takeaway.

Chittaranjan Mistanna Bhandar

LocationShobha Bazar, 34B, Shobha Bazar Street, Near Shyambazar A V School, Kolkata – 700004

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 8 am to 8 pm

History – This sweet shop was established in 1907 by the late Hiralal Ghosh. The company is now being carried on by the sixth generation. Chittaranjan Mistanna Bhandar in Kolkata is one of the traditional sweet shops.

Products – Rossogollas, , Gulab Jamun, Chocolate Sandesh, Malai Chamcham, Gurer Sandesh, Sugar free Sandesh, Madhuporka. Yoghurt.

Speciality – Rasogolla, Yogurt

Payment Mode – Cash only

## – Only take away system is available.

 Basanti Sweets

Location – Motijheel, 38/1, Dum Dum Rd, Ward Number 22, Amarpalli, South Dumdum, West Bengal 700074

 Timing – Monday to Sunday – 8 am to 10 pm.

History –  Janmejoy Ghosh is the shop owner. It was founded in 2001. There are so many different kinds of sweets in this shop and they all are incredible. They add new sweets to their menu every day. There is so much excitement to eat all sorts of sweets.

Products – Malai ChamCham, Chitrakut, Rasogolla, Kalojam, Kamala Bhog, Rabri, Kaju Barfi, Chocolate Barfi, Kalakand, Gulab Jamun,, Kaju Katli, Malai Barfit, Ajmeri Kalakand,Yogurt, Sorbhaja.  All sweets are delicious.

Speciality – Ajmeri Kalakand, Chocolate Barfi

Payment Mode – Cash Only

## –Take away system is available only.

Putiram Sweets

Location – College Square, 12B, Surya Sen Sreet, Adjecnt City College of Commerce, Kolkata, West Bengal 700012

 Timing – Monday to Sunday – 6.15 am to 9 pm.

 History – Putiram was established in 1852 at College Street. This place is Calcutta’s central business place. Putiram sweet shop was the first to use almonds and pasta in sweets. It is the oldest, cheapest and traditional shop.

Products – Radhaballavi, Luchi, Aloor Dom, Cholar Dal, Chanar Jilipi, Kachori, Dhokla, Kala Jamun, Ice Cream Sandesh, Stuffed Gulab Jam, Rasogolla, Madhukalash with a fill of jaggery.

Speciality – Luchi, Aloor Dom, Cholar Dal

Payment Mode – Cash Only

## We’ve spent a lot of our university times here. If you come to College Street Boipara, you must visit  Putiram. Indoor Sitting arrangement and take away system both are available.

Bhim Chandra Nag

Location – Bow Bazar, 5, Nirmal Chandra Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700012

 Timing – Monday to Sunday – 9 am to 10 pm.

History – Late Paran Chandra Nag established this shop in Bowbazar in 1826. It is the pioneer of making Sandesh. The sweet Ladikeni was also invented by him as named after Lady Canning. She was the wife of the British governor, Lord Canning. The distinguished educationist Sir Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay visited and tasted Sandesh in this shop. After that, the Sandesh is well known as Ashubhog Sandesh.

Products – Dilkhus, Chanar Sandesh, Jolbhara Sandesh, Manohara, Kada Pak Sandesh, Abar Khabo Sandesh, Alphanso Sandesh, Labongo Latika

Speciality – Sandesh

Payment Mode – Only cash option.

## – Take away system is available.

K C Das

LocationEsplanade, 11 A&B, Central Avenue, Kolkata, West Bengal 700069. Near Metro Cinema, Opposite Tipu Sultan Masjid.

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 7.30 am to 9.30 pm.

History – Krishna Chandra Das, son of the inventor of Rasogolla Nobin Chandra Das, was invented canned Rasogolla. In 1955, his son, Sarada Charan Das, incorporated the family business as K.C.Das Private Limited. In 1956, Debendra Nath Das, Sarada Charan Das’s son, founded K. C. Das Grandsons. Desserts, Breakfast, Street Food, and Pure Vegetarian are among the cuisines available.  It has several branches all over  Kolkata.

Products – Rasogolla, Rasomali, Khir Kadam, Malpoya, Rasomanjuri, Badam Halwa, Turkish delight, Radhaballavi, Pea’s Kachori, Aloor dom, Cholar Dal, Singara, Vegetable Cutlet, Kaju Roll, Kaju Barfi.

Speciality – Rasogolla, Mango yogurt, Rasomalai

Payment Mode – Both cash & card option.

## – Take away and indoor sitting arrangements are available.

Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick

Location –  Bhowanipore, 2, Paddapukur Rd, Jadubabur Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 8 am to 11 pm.

History – Ganesh Chandra Mullick has established this shop in 1885. Later on, it was carried forward by his brother Balaram Mullick and son Radharama Mullick as Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick. It has several outlets in Kolkata.

Products – Keshar Chamcham, Jal Sankha Sandesh,Jal Mandir Sandesh, Gulab Jamun, Dilkhus Sandesh, Karapak Guli Sandesh,Chitakut, Kheermohan, Kaju Katil Barfi, Fruit sweets, Choco Fudge Sandesh, Mango Fudge Sandesh.

Speciality – Karapak Guli Sandseh filled by Jaggery (Nolen Gur)

Payment Mode – Both cash & card option.

## – Take away and indoor sitting arrangements are available.

 Naba Krishna Guin

Location Bowbazar, 9b, Nirmal Chandra St, Kolkata, West Bengal 700012

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 7 am to 10 pm.

History – Naba Krishna Guin has established this shop in 1809. The company is now owned by the sixth generation. Mr Suprovat Dey( Guin), Naba Krishna Guin’s grandson, diversify the company in several ways. He makes a variety of unique dishes in Bengali cuisine.

Products – Nalen Gurer Rasogolla, Talsansh Sandesh,Sankh Sandesh, Rasogolla,Ratabi, Victoria Sandesh, Paradise Sandesh, Sakuntala Sandesh, Ram Boondi,Chanar Murki.

Speciality – Victoria Sandesh, Paradise Sandesh, Chanar Murki

Payment Mode – Cash option only.

## – Take away system only.

Ganguram Sweets

Location Maniktala, 123/2, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Goa Bagan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700006

Timing – Monday to Sunday – 8 am to 10 pm

History –  Ganguram Chaurasia has established the shop in 1885. At present, there are twenty-seven outlets in Kolkata. And they serve daily about 200 delicious preparation. The slogan of the shop is “new variety and continuous production of sweets.”

Products – Milk Chamcham, Malai Chamcham, Abar Khabo, Chena Toast, Mawa Pump, Kaju Barfi, Jillabi, Vanilla Punch, Gulab Jamun, Baked Rasogolla, Pineapple Sandesh, Mango Sandesh, Gulabpatti Sandesh.

Speciality – Pineapple Sandesh, Gulabpatti Sandesh, Jillabi.

Payment Mode – Cash option only.

## – Take away system only.


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